MacDonald Marine Hotel and Spa, Break

IMBR-00228365-001Going to apologise at the start here for lack of photos in this blog. It’s practically neaderthal and well I’m SORRY! But here’s a photo of a Neanderthal man to stress that I know and again I’M SORRY and while you’re reading this I’m halfway up a hill in the Scottish Borders filming men flying around a circuit in Land Rovers. Stay warm for me!

Went here at the weekend with the man friend, checked in super late as he’s an out of Edinburgh towner and there were some issues with trains, but although we were late we still received a warm welcome from the lovely receptionist.

Check in was easy and we went to our room, (all good MacDonald fayre, beds, towels, showers etc), chucked our bags into a corner and headed to the hotel bar.

The bar stocked a good range of Gin and it was good after the short drive down from Edinburgh to sip one. The bar was maybe a little bit quiet as i’m like an excited puppy on most occasions and can stick out in these places with my cockney ‘charms’.

As part of the deal I had booked, ( Yes I booked! Reeks of keeper doesn’t it?!)  there was use of the Spa facilities and a treatment each. I’d opted for massages because who doesn’t love a massage right? Turns out i’d messed up timings, who doesn’t love a mess up though right?!, and instead with a gift certificate in hand to return another day for these, we headed to the Spa facilities.

The spa was great but first, let me digress a little….

Back in the day when I moved to Edinburgh, my first job was a Fitness Instructor at Edinburgh’s Roxburghe Hotel. It was a great job with a really fab bunch of dudes that I’m still friendly with today. Because of that lovely time in my life, I’m a big fan of MacDonald hotels. Another perk, as a staff member, I got a great discount on their hotels, one that I used a fair amount. As a Londoner who gets a little bit nervous and excited by the countryside, traveling to these out of town hotels with the fam was always pretty cool, I adore mini adventures. Chucking on the Barbour and heading into the hills to get muddy was ultimately quite fun.

Back in the room.

I’d been aware of the Marine Hotel at North Berwick for ages but never ventured down. My bad. Seriously. I liked it. Maybe more as a place to go with the Fam, or the girls, although the man friend did well in such a female orientated place. But would he go again? I’m not so sure.

The Spa staff were so awesome and welcoming, I wish I could find a better word than awesome, but it fits perfectly. The spa here is an Elemis spa, I adore Elemis. Can’t rate the staff highly enough, they were helpful, considerate and definitely the best spa staff i’ve ever encountered. The spa consists of a swimming pool, a thermal pool, where you can sit outside or inside, two different types of sauna and two different types of steam, an icy shower, an experience shower and actual real ice if you are in the habit of chucking ice over yourself. Well it would be rude to not at least pour some cold water over your man friend! I did. He did. We lolled.

On the way out I bumped into my friend Becca and her fella going into the spa. Was glad to see another male and female combo going in, although I must stress at no point did it feel odd. It’s always nice to bump into a friend somewhere, although wish i’d had time to do the barnet! (Argh!)

My stay at MacDonald Marine Hotel was a Spa deal including overnight stay in a standard room, breakfast, two 30 minute treatments and use of the Spa facilities. Book yours via their website

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