Well, well, well… It has been some time people! Like most things in life, blogging becomes a habit and on the flipside not blogging also becomes a habit. I’ve no real excuse and so, for those of you wondering what I’ve been up to I’ll do a quick round up – films and life.

20130721-225428.jpg I made focaccia!

The Edinburgh International Film Festival came to town. I saw some great films, including; Kiss The Water, The Great Hip Hop Hoax, 7 Boxes, and Not another Happy Ending. I feel like I know why Dr.Who fans love Karen Gillen so much, she’s so beautiful!! Though her wardrobe in NAHE was a bit too cutting edge. However, the film was so slick and ambitious it’s sure to do well on release.

But the film from the festival I’m expecting to do most well is The Great Hip Hop Hoax. It was so refreshing, inspiring and made me want to wear high tops everyday, I am so excited to see what you all think. I’m tempted to think Hip Hop will come back in a big way. Exciting huh?! Watch out for Sillibil and Brains.

  • 20130721-233756.jpg Sillibill and Brains at Edinburgh International Film Festival

The countdown is on for me to start my HND in Creative industries. It’s been a long, journey to get here, but man, every single moment has been a blast. I’m truly loving every minute and can’t wait to start back next month. Many more student days ahead of me!! If you’ve ever considered going back to study, I can highly recommend it. Not only have I met some fascinating, talented people, I’ve learned a lot about myself too. Life’s a journey and all that 😉

20130721-234250.jpg I dyed my locks brown

I’ve seen all the latest movies, here’s my one sentence reviews;

Pacific Rim – awesome, action packed and refreshingly not American, kept me wide-eyed.
Now You See Me – clever, entertaining, full of magic and with a twist you won’t see coming.
Despicable Me 2 – laced with double minion adventures, what’s not to love!
Monsters University – Full of an animator’s dream designs, not to mention laughter.
The Internship – ever since The Social Network I knew this was coming, funny but oh so cringey. And Owen Wilson is my celebrity crush!
World War Z – good, action packed but watched it feeling like it had forgotten something it would remember.
This Is The End – oh my I laughed so hard, my comedy of the year without a doubt, love these guys work.

20130721-225546.jpg I also burnt bagels!

I’ve been busy making and acting in films too. Both you’ll be able to watch after next week, when they get their public showing. Both are entered into Write Shoot Cut silent film competition. The rules were simple, a silent film, no longer than 2 minutes. It’s a hard task coming up with an idea to fit neatly into that time, but I embraced the challenge and I’m proud of my entry, ‘Drink’ and my acting role in ‘DateNight’, directed by Louis Clark. ‘Drink’ is my first short film as an independent writer, director and producer. Hope you like it.

20130721-234427.jpg Back to blonde via ginger!!

Other than that, I’m still writing, (submitted my second book- still in that scary 6 week wait period, will keep you posted don’t worry!! ) And so, the next few months are going to be busy with more writing, (and editing), I’d like to make two more short films before the year is out, finish writing my feature, and have my book edited and finished for good. One thing I have learned is that it’s increasingly hard to let go from a creative aspect. I’ve reshot, rewritten and rejigged my little heart out, it’s all good but it’s hard work.

When you’re so sure something is going to work, but you try it and it doesn’t, staying up late working it out and taking a step back are the only things I am finding I can do. Let’s see if I find another way, tips welcome, as ever.
Hope you’re all well?

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