Man of Steel


Superman is my favourite superhero. I’ll be honest, I tolerate Spider-Man, Batman? Well you just have to don’t you? Ironman? He’s still new to me, taking baby steps there. But Superman? A writer who saves everyone? What’s not to love!!
When I came out of Man of Steel, I wondered how I would sum it up. Because it’s not Superman as we know it. It’s not the Christopher Reeve, smiling, dashing hero I grew up with.
There’s no denying it’s awesome, it’s brilliance. It’s difference.
All i could think of was that scene from Friends, you know the one – Ross and Rachael were on a break and Ross slept with another girl. With Ross trying to make it up to her, Rachael asks him a killer of a question ‘What it was like? Was it better?’, and Ross, squirming on the spot, answers truthfully, ‘Nobody likes change’
There’s not an awful lot of ‘Superman’ about it. It’s much more Man of Steel. You’d be forgiven for thinking the two films are based on the same guy.
It’s not the same as the Superman we know, and while I did sit, waiting for more Red Caped crusader, I think that is the point. It packs an equal punch, it tells a different story, and it is as awe inspiring to my eyes all these years after seeing the original version. What I loved most, is you know this is just the start of an awesome set of films. Highly anticipating the next instalment and a Lex Luthor!!
I caught it in IMAX at Edinburgh Cineworld and am going back again today. Yes, it’s that good!

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