If the Mayans are Right..

December 21st is one of those days I want to come quickly so everyone can stop talking about the end of the world.

Enough already, why are we so quick to adopt the Mayan Calender? I wasn’t born Mayan and neither were you, and the prophecy is largely internet and western world based. Hard to believe an incredible 12% of Americans believe it.

I’ve had so many conflicting conversations with people about the 21st, i’m as hippie-ish as they come but if I can be doubtful that this is the ‘end of the world’ then so can you.

Someone told me straight faced that aliens were coming down to earth, no hold on, that aliens were already on earth and they are part of these higher beings that live among us. On the 21st they will be the only ones left on earth and if you have been bad, you will be removed. (It sounds alot like another era in our history, you know which one)

What on these aliens? What will they make of our society?

When in hundreds of years time, in an AI type remake, they clambour over our ‘ruins’ they’ll find a bunch of burnt out laptops and memory cards. Who were these 2012 people? Opening up these memory cards to discover more about us, they’ll discover we worshiped cats that did strange things and for sports jumped off high things and usually broke something, like our legs. Our photo’s are all in sepia tones, and we looked like supermodels. We had virtual farms and cafes, worshiped this God..


I am one of those people who live every day like it is a blessing, there’s not much that I want to do that I haven’t done yet, or am aiming towards right now. Do we have to wait for a prompt to do this? To be the people we want to be today?

I know life can be tough, things are never easy, but I have met so many people who go out on a limb, look stupid, swallow their pride, take a step back to be the people they want to be, who don’t follow the crowd, that it’s hard for me to look at people who talk about something for years with sympathy. You life is in your hands, you have as much right to choose as you have to unchoose. Every day is precious. Follow your dreams now or make a promise to yourself that you will in January 2013….

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I am editor of theswagguide.com blogging on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, events and travel

2 thoughts on “If the Mayans are Right..

  1. Nice article MacGregor! totally agree with you, people love their apocolyptic myths.
    Truth is that when oil runs in short supply that’s when were in trouble.
    Until that time, Carpe diem! and be true to yourself…..both are incredibly hard to do, so hat’s off to those who try 🙂

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