2012..in words

What a year. 2012 – you did me proud!

As the time nears for me to start thinking about my infamous New Year resolutions, I have been reflecting on who I was at the start of the year. I started off reading back through some old blog posts. The reason I love this blog so much is that it is like a mini time capsule, immediately capturing my voice and my thoughts from month to month. I can dip back to any month and immediately remember who I was.

My life is, once again very different to last year.

Life gives you this wonderful opportunity every day to create a new path, turn a different page, sing a different song and dance a different dance. (Of course there would be music and dancing!)

2012 was again a learning year for me and I am so conscious that i said that about last year, I defend myself this way; every year should be a learning year, every day should be a school day. If you don’t learn you don’t grow, if you don’t grow you don’t thrive, and if you don’t thrive, well…let’s not even contemplate that hey?

This year I met and spent time with some great people, some I miss so much and some I will miss, not so much. I have travelled to places I have wanted to go to foreverever and put my arse into gear to finish a book I am really proud of. I have lost, I have gained, I have learned and I have shared. All of this counts toward my list of goals for next year.

Am I where I want to be now? and where do I want to be next year?

I can honestly say that, I am extremely happy with my lot. Everything right now is how I want it to be. I smile in the morning, I smile in the evening. I am so busy, so captivated and so passionate, that I just want everything to keep going the way it is.

I do not need for anything, I am enjoying calling the shots in my life. Being single is a huge part of this. I knew I needed a break from dating, I just didn’t know how much! While I am flattered to be asked out, it’s going to have to be one very special guy to get in on this act.

Without a doubt the biggest step for me this year was going back to study full time, This takes a lot of juggling on my part of children, work and life to fit in but of course, I manage it, I love it and I thrive on it. It has positioned me at the foot of where I want to be next year, while simultaneously closing my year with a massive, sometimes sleepy, smile.

I have many little projects lined up for 2013, scripts for short films, short stories and comedy. Things i have worked so hard on these last few months, are coming into fruition that I actually don’t have the need to make any resolutions.

Big words eh?

Oh, maybe one wish…. that you like them 🙂

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I am editor of theswagguide.com blogging on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, events and travel

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