Moaning People

Social media can be a wonderful thing but in the hands of a serial moaner, it can be a terrible thing.

I grew up in a varied amount of kitchens as my family ran pubs in London.

(We were strictly not allowed in the bar area,  or if we were, it was a massive treat and we ventured with wide eyes and the whole pub staring at us. Mostly we were the typical ‘bottle of coke and salt and vinegar crisp kids’, hanging around in the kitchen, while our family worked. To this day I don’t associate pubs with drinking, it’s more a homely thing. That smell of stale beer? Ahhhh 🙂 )

The point of this blog is that I don’t ever remember anyone complaining. My Mum and Aunts are those instinctive cooks that I fail to be, and, despite being a sous chef from a young age, I am not. (Future New Ex-Husband had better know how to cook or he will starve!) Meals flew out of their kitchens at an alarming rate, with people coming from far and wide to eat their food.

If anything was ever sent back to the kitchen it was fixed and sent back.  It was no big deal. There were no refunds, 50% off bills, free bottles of wine. In short if you moaned, you were earmarked as a trouble maker and your custom was not welcomed.

Now people seem to moan about everything and Business owners are extending customer service to infinity and beyond.

With social media power, people can rant on about anything and everything and get a platform and an audience. I mean just look at me, I’m moaning about moany people!

Why do people always remember the worse? I wish someone would create a site where you couldn’t leave a bad comment. Please call it ‘If you can’t say anything nice..’

I long to dine at or stay in a place that is so old fashioned, it called the shots. Somewhere where it didn’t matter what it said in the review you were just there to enjoy it.

I think I need a time machine…..

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