I Had a Day Off!

I am so used to doing ‘something’ I wasn’t sure what to do. Besides the fella has just left and I wanted to keep busy, I don’t want any time to sit about in my pants, scratching my head, wondering about ‘stuff’ I needed to be active!

But maybe a little r and r, would be good, I sat on my sofa and switched on the TV. Jeremy Kyle, scary stuff, I switched it back off.

I text friends, ‘Hey, let’s do coffee!’ so we did coffee. That took an hour.

What next? Clean house! Yes! Done in two hours.

My time wasn’t going fast enough. What next?

Go shopping? A little sojourn around the brightly lit malls was bound to use up some of that precious time! (and my bank balance!)

Done in a disappointing two hours. I started to panic that I was wasting my free time. I checked the time, I had three hours left, what should I do?

If I had a dog, I could walk it I thought. I started googling dogs. That took half an hour. Maybe I could just spend the rest of the time googling things? You have it on good authority, that it is not as fun as it sounds.

Maybe I could write a blog post? Hmmm… what would I write it about? I googled some subjects. Then it struck me, maybe I should write it about having a day off. That was bound to be interesting!

I think we can, again, take it on good authority, that it was not! 😉

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I am editor of theswagguide.com blogging on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, events and travel

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