A Few Good Men

you can't handle the truth

The time is upon me to be, almost, back in the world of dating and like, any 30 something woman with luggage, ( nicer word than baggage non?) I am considering my options. Or rather, my ‘options’ are considering me. Guys seemed to be tuned into my new found situation and, I have to say, I am lucky to be being asked out by some of these, ‘good guys’. However, I would like to say, I have no intention of dating anyone, for quite a while.

I have plenty single girlfriends who complain about the lack of ‘good guys’ out there. It got me to wondering, are we lacking a few good men?

The truth?

“You can’t handle the truth!”

Okay, got carried away there. But, my answer is no.

There ARE a few good men out there, I think, what applies here, is my constant spouting from rooftops and pubs after dark,  is the age old saying, ‘What you look for you see!’

I believe, at certain times in our lives we look for different things from our partners. When we want to settle down, a guy who parties 247 is no use to us, we need someone who wants to make a home with us. Likewise, when we want to have a little fun, someone who wants to settle down, will not fit into our lives well.

So, go forth with hope in your hearts, singletons, look for the good guys, and girls!

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