The Moonwalk is something I have been aware of forever. Mainly as a bunch of women giggling through 26 miles during the night, united in fluffy decorated lingerie. Never one for being shy about ‘things like that’ I’ve considered doing it every year.

Up until now, I’ve never gone further than googling the details. This year, I was fully intending to do something for a Cancer charity because my dad died of it last year.

The Moonwalk raises awareness for Breast Cancer, which he didn’t have, but raising awareness and cash for any cancer charity can only be a good thing. Doing exercise can only be a good thing!

Sometimes I DO exercise! Proof!

It turns out there is more to it than just wearing a bra and showing up with a flashlight. The Moonwalk was set up by Walk the Walk to not only raise breast cancer awareness but also help men and women get fit. The Edinburgh Moonwalk is in it’s 7th year and going strong. I know from friends doing it and just common sense that 26 0r even 13 miles is going to be tough. Big high fives to every woman who has committed the time and effort into doing it before now. It is a big deal and will need the correct training.

As a qualified Fitness Instructor (honest!) I know enough about the basics of training, but I will be following the training guidelines set out by Walk the Walk on their very helpful website! Go see!

I know not to attempt The Moonwalk in these lush little beauties sadly, but in something much more suitable and unlikely to cause me blisters the size of a small country. Or damage my knees. I will need these on my travels! (knees not shoes!)

I’m not intending to keep a diary as such, or even promise to blog regularly, I probably won’t have time. But it’s an experience that will no doubt turn up here at some point. One of my New Year Resolutions was to get fit. I used to be SO much fitter than I am now and I want it back. The double intention of doing The Moonwalk for me is to do something good for others, and also myself.

Doing exercise makes you feel like this -HONEST!

If you have ANY Moonwalk or general exercise tips you want to share with me, please do, i’ll only thank you for it!

ps There is still time for you to do something you know! Do something!

Fitness photo’s courtesy of the awesome but not as fit as me, Ian Logendra 🙂

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