Facebook, have I forgotten how to use you?

Last week on Facebook, as I browsed my news feed on my phone (we’ll leave the type of phone out of it) I noticed a friend had shared a picture about updating her status after getting married, one was grumpy for work, one looking forward to work (we all have one of those friends) and one…wait WHAT? Updating her status after she gets married?? Eh? Now, she’s obviously not a great friend or i’d have been invited to the wedding but to have no inclination that she even had a Bf was a bit of a shocker! A meek ‘congratulations’ scribbled on her wall, makes up for my lack of knowledge.

Fast forward to the weekend and there’s an old school friend updating her status about fireworks in the local park, one having a cuppa, and one joking about her baby being overdue by two weeks, one getting ready…wait WHAT? Last time I spoke to that friend she didn’t have a Bf and now she’s due a baby?? How did I miss that?

How had things become like this? Despite having a whole varied bunch of lists and privacy settings, just like I advise everyone, Facebook had stopped being Friends Reunited right under my nose and become something else.  Or was it me? For arguments sake, and because it gets blamed for everything I am going to blame Facebook and working in Social Media! If Facebook wasn’t work to me, maybe i’d still see it as the fun, stalking ground it is? Had I gone too far into the game, that I had forgotten it is a game? Like the Policeman in the film, ID, who goes under cover and becomes a staunch Shadwell  Town Hooligan? Was that me? Did I forget I was an undercover policeman? I mean person, real life person using Facebook to catch up with friends and not instruct businesses about social media engagement, competitions, audiences, and apps?

Or do I just not have the time to check? Is my life too busy? Am I too self-absorbed? Do I think using Facebook as a normal person beneath me?

Because I know I’m nice, I am going for busy, too busy, it’s true I am. But when did my life become too busy for the people in it? This week I vow to make time to send a message (ok yeah it may be a copied and pasted one) to all my friends and catch up with what they are doing, I may be gone some time…….

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I am editor of theswagguide.com blogging on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, events and travel

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