And tonight Matthew I’m going to be……

….a Dancer On Ice 🙂

During my teens I went Ice skating with my friends to Streatham Ice-rink at least twice a week and we had the most fun. We skated forwards, backwards, with speed and I turned corners in my boots like grease lightening! Ok, slight exaggeration there, (who me?!? 😛 ) but I did have fun, with some of you reading this blog probably, didn’t we have fun?? 🙂

It is with this happy memory in mind, the start of ITV’s Dancing On Ice and the thought in my head that if Kerry Katona can skate surely I can?? So,  as all good mums head to Iceland I take a detour and head to Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Ice-Rink.

One thing I did not remember, apart from just how uncomfortable hired skates are 🙁 , was just how SLIPPY the ice is! As my friend left me behind in a flurry of blades I timidly made my way around the edge of the rink, holding onto the side, like a new born fawn. Damn it MacG , what are you doing? I thought to myself several times. Get off the ice now and stick to watching Dancing on Ice. But no, I’m made of the gutsy stuff and my steely determination to ‘get back’ my skating ability saw me plough on and get to the point where I could stand on the Ice without fear.

Some of you might think, chill out chick what’s the big deal? it’s just Ice-skating!!! and to you I say, yeah? get down there and see for yourself. It’s bloody slippy!! Now I know i’m lucky, I’m little, I don’t have far to fall really but the fear that I might is there and I really don’t want to.  So with this in mind I have been again and will progress to the point where I can go backwards and turn corners like grease lightening again (yep still exaggerating lol) and when I am there, I will post my first ever Vlog. (Yep MacG is going all You Tube on you)

In the mean time I’m loving the TV show Dancing on Ice, I’ve never watched it before, which will surprise none of you who know me, as i’m not a TV watcher, but I’m loving this – the effort the Celebs are putting in, the costumes, the songs, the campness, Jeff Brazier (swoon), the judges, everything…. It’s my new thing, this week at least….. 😉

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