Caffeine free MacG..

As I sat working out my resolutions for this year, 2011,  I thought I really want to do something REALLY difficult, something that I never thought I wanted to do. Something that will take all my will power. I sipped my coffee and a little light bulb went off above my head. I changed it and thought yes, this is it, I will give up coffee!

I have been drinking coffee forever. I was a Starbucks whore if truth be told and I had my doubts I would be able to do it.  On the flip side I thought if I can, surely I will be able to do ANYTHING 🙂

I am happy to report I am 20 days without caffeine now.

I expected caffeine withdrawal symptoms, and they came in the form of a severe flu type illness. It was horrendous, I will not lie to you and the tiredness I feel on some days does make me want to crawl to the nearest Edinburgh Costa. I have stood in Starbucks yawning my head off and having the Barristas look at me incredulously and say ‘Decaf??’

BUT I think on the whole it’s worth it. Caffeine is a stimulant and not a good thing to be putting into your body. The first few days I gave it up I, bizarrely, felt taller. This is weird and I thought maybe it’s because when I wake up I am not headed to the coffee machine with head down, shoulders hunched waiting for the hit to wake me up.

People have asked me if I’ll stick to it and I think I will. I cannot stress how hard it was for me to even conceive that I would go a day without a coffee, so to be here now is an awesome feeling.  🙂

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