And tonight Mathew I’m going to be……

….aaaaaaa CHEERLEADER!!

Yes you have heard me right, my latest thing is Cheerleading 🙂

Give me a W,

Give me a T,

Give me an F,

put them together, what do you have?? (you can work that out!)

Ever since I heard I got through to the Semi Finals of the contest, people all over have been looking at me open mouthed, but yes Saturday 8th January 2011 sees me take to the stage with 39 other ‘Stunna’s’, to compete to become a News of The World Score Angel and I am muchly excited!

It will be lipgloss at dawn, sequins may fly and hair will get flicked about a bit as we sashay our way along the Catwalk, in our lingerie (sorry dad 🙁 ) swimwear, evening wear and talk about wanting world peace. Then we have to prove we can dance, shamone! Now, it’s a little known fact by most of you that I travelled abroad trying to ‘break into the music business’ with my friends, we were very much in it to win it and had some crazy times including performing in a Spice Girls tribute act* and an all singing all dancing dance group and while the venues were not the O2 or suchlike we made a living and had such Fun Times!! These days my two friends still perform, Ozzie Aziz and Suzi Martin, high five girls – I love you!! xx and I quit it to concentrate on my God given talent that is writing, (dontcha know!!)

So, anyway, as I sit at my laptop and pen word after word, and get great satisfaction from it, a little part of me itches to get back up on stage and perform and tomorrow I get to do just that!! I will be dressing up in my prettiest dresses, my highest shoes, my best clubbing clothes, smile my happiest smile and shine like a Firework 😀  and oh yes there will be sparkles!!

I am, of course, completely nervous, in fact my current squeeze is banned from coming along, I am too nervous to perform in front of him but the other people do not  bother me much, (laughs nervously), But but BUT how exciting!!! I read an Arthur Miller quote today and it’s something I always say to myself, ‘the best we can hope as that we have the right regrets’  so while some of you may think oh dear lord what is she doing now, to you I say 😛 and to everyone else who is cheering on the side lines for me I say xx T H A N K  Y O U xx

* there are no prizes for guessing who I was!


When I heard one of the girls say ‘i took the back flip out of my routine’ I thought I might be in trouble… I was lol!! But it was the most fun!!

It was no mean feat to stand in a room full of girls in my bikini and be judged, and it was a bit of a turning point for me on the lengths I will go to for something I think is fun. It turns out I’m pretty gutsy, I don’t think many people would do what I did. So I am delighted I have it in me but it is not for me. Watch out for new stuff and scrapes I get myself into, I’m sure to entertain you as I entertain myself 🙂

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  1. theresonlyjuanpablo Avatar

    Oh Karlie Mac, this is the first thing of yours I have read, I clicked on you as a suggested(ible) friend on fb, I was pleasantly surprised, as well as your cheery beat commentary,the finale was excellent and a perfect mood too!

    1. karliemacbradshaw Avatar

      Thank you 🙂

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