Summer in Edinburgh and we’ve all been experiencing some strange weather, Earlier in the week we had gorgeous sunshine, now we have rain, mist and drizzle. Last week we had thunder and lightning, it’s crazy summer weather.

I love the sound of thunder, the storm coming, and the flash of lightning in the sky. It’s amazing to see nature like that. But the thunder and lightning i’m talking about here is that feeling you get when you see someone across a room. The feeling where everything seems to stop and with a jolt, your tummy flips. What do we call it? *acts nonchalant* Oh yeah, Love at first sight!

Now as we all know, I am a romantic chick, okay, okay, hands up, I am THE romantic chick. If you created a graph of romantic chicks, I probably be somewhere between Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones. (Not as cool as Carrie but not as klutsy as Bridget) I like love. I like being in love, talking about love and giving out love. I like cuddling, secret undercover hand chats, stupid smiles, silly texts, sillier emails, flowers, day dreaming, chucking stuff at each other and all the other story book stuff.

I dish out love advice to my friends like there’s no tomorrow, Heck, I am even writing a book about love! So, you get where i’m coming from. I’m into this love malarky. If anyone should know, it’s me!

I should but I am toiling!

As part of the narrative of this book, the character experiences her first love, so I am spending my days and nights trying to remember that feeling. I want to deliver thunderbolts, lightning and sparks to my readers. Think Bella in Twilight with Edward. Stephanie Meyer writes so well about love, she’s one of those writers who nails it. It has to be real and believable, and okay I know we’re talking vampires and werewolves but it’s still believable. I spoke about imagination in a previous blog post and am calling on mine, and yours, now! You can write about anything but your reader needs to believe it.

As a writer you always call on your own resources, experiences are your tool kit. While you do not have to go through exactly what your characters go through, if you experience something close enough, you can always write with insight. I always tend to write, ‘in character’, which can make me a nightmare to live with when I am writing lots!! I should be able to do this love thing in my sleep but i’m struggling! I am going through a love drought!

I have started sentences off that I am far too embarrassed to repeat here. Everything is coming out too soppy and making even ME feel sick! It’s just not cool.

So can you help me? I’m open to emails if you don’t want to share here, follow me on twitter @KarlieMacG and we can swap details via DM. If you have any experience and can share it, Tell me! I need experiences and inspirations (or the odd silly text), just something to spur me on,  as always – appreciated GREATLY! xx

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  1. jddawg Avatar

    That’s not love K, that’s attraction. That comes and goes. Love stays. Love is permanent, like a tattoo. People treat love like tattoos nowadays, they get a tattoo easily, dislike it, then get it removed. Love should be permanent.

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