Expect the Expected!


Just a teeny post to say I have heard so many pieces of good news this week from friends, it’s been fab…not to mention infectious!!

I am ready for more!!!!

Anyone who knows me closely knows all about my love of The Secret.  But for those of you who don’t, ‘The Secret’ is essentially positive thinking and expectation of what you want in your life. Maybe a bit ‘new age’ for some but I love that stuff  (I am crying out to live in the sunshine and meditate all day!)

I love positive thinking, people and actions. I’m lucky enough to know an awesome bunch of people and expect to meet more this year!

As The Secret says, expectation is a powerful thing – “expect the things you want and don’t expect the things you don’t want”

Good news? Keep it coming! xx

4 responses to “Expect the Expected!”

  1. johndburns Avatar

    Almost tripped over you in cyber space there. Just posted my 8th blog post.

    1. Karlie MacGregor Avatar

      Great stuff and a great blog John!!!! Loving your tagging and photos too 😀

  2. johndburns Avatar

    Thanks Karlie, well it was your idea! it’s starting to pick up now and I’m becoming a blog addict. Getting readers from your blog too. Reading The Secret right now.

    1. Karlie MacGregor Avatar

      Great stuff!!!!! Really happy for you John 🙂

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