Expect the Expected!


Just a teeny post to say I have heard so many pieces of good news this week from friends, it’s been fab…not to mention infectious!!

I am ready for more!!!!

Anyone who knows me closely knows all about my love of The Secret. ย But for those of you who don’t, ‘The Secret’ is essentially positive thinking and expectation of what you want in your life. Maybe a bit ‘new age’ for some but I love that stuff ย (I am crying out to live in the sunshine and meditate all day!)

I love positive thinking, people and actions. I’m lucky enough to know an awesome bunch of people and expect to meet more this year!

As The Secret says, expectation is a powerful thing – “expect the things you want and don’t expect the things you don’t want”

Good news? Keep it coming! xx

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4 thoughts on “Expect the Expected!

  1. Thanks Karlie, well it was your idea! it’s starting to pick up now and I’m becoming a blog addict. Getting readers from your blog too. Reading The Secret right now.

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