Tied Up Forever On The Brooklyn Bridge.

It’s Valentines day and after going on a bit last year about how it’s become SO commercialised and no-one does the small things, this year i’ve gone all out and just given in to the hearts, flowers and padlocks. Wait, what? No, no, not moved into a new kinky phase of my life, but in New York, recently (kicks heels in air) while walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, I noticed this strange thing…

There were a little collection of padlocks, secured to metal hooks on the support columns. I counted one, two, three, four of all different shapes and sizes. Around the corner there were yet more, all different shapes and sizes. What were they?

I looked quizzically at my friend. The Brooklyn Bridge was in the middle of having repair work done, perhaps the Padlocks were something to do with the workers? Maybe they brought something with them everyday that they needed to padlock? But some of the padlocks were so small it didn’t make sense they would need to be left behind at the end of a days work.

As we continued over the bridge we found even more along the way. There must be something in this we said to each other.

Back warm in the hotel room, we googled it and found the answer. Typically, romantic me loved it!

It turns out it is SO much cuter than this…

The padlocks are left by lovers who ‘lock’ their hearts together and throw the key into the water. While the authorities think it’s a bit of a pain and clear the padlocks away, I think it’s pretty sweet.

The padlocks have been reported around the world from 1980, with lovers and newlyweds securing their love together. I found this from Buzzfeed.com, it shows tons of pictures of the padlocks from bridges all over the world! Now, I could be all swept up with Valentine’s Day but I think it’s very sweet and I am so glad I checked the origins out.

Have you seen them? Have you wondered what they meant? Do you think you would be do the same?

And here’s a gratuitous tough guy picture, for the guys who were brave enough to venture onto a valentines day blog post! Stay heroes!

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