A whole ago I wrote a post about Facebook and how it was getting boring, here’s is an excerpt…

“Years ago if you had said to me I’d get bored of Facebook, I’d have given you a dirty look, moved my chair away and avoided you for sometime thinking you had lost your mind. Though today, I’d move my chair in closer and want to get down and intimate with you on this subject. It’s true, I am a little bored with it. With reports that Facebook are losing users every day, I can understand why. I’m one of them.

It’s everywhere you go, everyone is talking about it. It’s saturating our daily conversations, ‘yeah i saw that on Facebook’, ‘well i checked his Facebook and….’, ‘ oh that has to go on my Facebook’ .   It’s icon is on almost every single advertisement you see often accompanied by the tag line ‘find us on Facebook’”

I didn’t publish this article for one reason or another and I am glad I didn’t as it’s been an interesting few months. Working closely with Facebook day in day out, watching the arrival of new sparkly social networking platform Google + and Facebook’s reaction has been really interesting.

There is no doubt about it – Facebook is upping it’s game.

And I think I like it.

Face book love

Last week was a busy week for social media with the exciting news that Twitter is getting analytics, Foursquare releasing it’s push notification API, and Google + opening it’s API. < if that meant nothing to you? well it basically means exciting things could be happening, developers will be developing new apps to interact with these services>

And our old friend Facebook? What did they do that was so exciting?

Well they joined in to make things easier for developers, changing the way Apps can be made on Facebook altogether.

They introduced the Subscribe button, which means it’s gone a bit twitter on us, and a bit Flickr too. Once you subscribe to it, YOU can decide what kind of updates you get, you don’t have to get everything- if you just want to see a friends photo’s you can! (This will come into it’s own for MY friends am sure!) But also you don’t have to BE someones friend to get their updates and whereas friends are capped at 5k friends subscribers are unlimited.

They also changed their Tagging settings so YOU can control if people tag you, by approving all tags before they can post them! No more embarrassing photo’s online without you approving them!

There is also talk of smart lists, which is a bit Google + circle-y steal-y but it’s cool, I’m giddy with Facebook chuffingness at the moment and happy to share the Facebook love, meet me at the bike sheds 🙂

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