Pie Quest – Celtic Football Club, Part 1


It was a beautiful sunny day when I walked through Parkhead’s gates, to see a sea of green and white fans, all singing along to the Willy Maley song and it was a long time coming to see Celtic fans in action! I’d heard about the supporters for years and the great atmosphere at the ground.

After living with a Celtic fan for over ten years it is no surprise that Celtic hold a special place in my heart. At the start of our relationship and with a head full of English football teams, I knew little of  Scottish football, but in the years that followed Celtic became my introduction into SPL. Celtic, were, for a while, my adopted team.

It was with some great excitement I ventured to Glasgow and Celtic Park stadium to test the pie. Celtic were at home to Dundee United, (not to be confused with Dundee or even called Dundee for short)   I am still new to football and from post match chats with guy friends there is a lot I still have to learn about it so be patient with me. The match was played in beautiful Glasgow sunlight and Celtic won 4-1. It seemed a good clean match, no guys falling on the pitch trying to get attention or anything like that. Half way through I noticed a teeny strip of guys wearing Orange tops and looking around the rest of the Stadium realised these were the Dundee United supporters. It seemed a measly amount of supporters compared to the massive amount of Celtic fans but it was explained that Dundee Utd had nothing to gain from this game and as away matches cost supporters a fair amount in cash, it was to be expected.  I did think it was a shame that supporters don’t support through to the end of a season but hey that’s just my opinion. There was also a bit of unfair cheering towards the Dundee United supporters when Celtic scored their FOURTH goal of the game, but that was explained as being a tribal thing, I may never understand it.

And the Pie? The reason for the visit? The very reason I travelled through from Edinburgh and gave up a Sunday in the sun to sit in the Terrace of The West Stand? The deliciously hot meat filled pastry? There was a school boy error, a rookie mistake……………………… Neither of us brought any cash to this game and the cash machines inside the stadium were out of service…………………. so, the pie stayed deliciously hot in the kiosk -DOH!

Until I visit again. And I will visit again, Oh yes!

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