Coffee – The real buzz

In january, as a new year resolution, I gave up caffeine. As a coffee freak, it was a tough move. There was no reason for me to give up caffiene at all. I just wanted to see if I could. Turns out I could!!

Then last week I got to thinking what would happen if I had a coffee? What effect would it have on me? I walked into my local Costa and ordered a Cinnamon latte. The sips I took were heavenly. It was a welcome return for my old friend. Later that night or rather early the next morning at 2am when I was still wide awake it wasn’t so much my friend. I said to myself I would ditch it as the experiment was done. I knew the effect it had on me and so we could all skip off into the sunset full of knowledge. However……. I kind of, in a funny kind of way, do not want to give it up again. I’m finding i’m loving the effect, I’ve missed it! I’m in that bizarre position where I want to stop but the more I try, the more I find myself halfway through an expresso.  It’s laughable. To do so well and then to cheat on my decaf with a fully loaded coffee is pretty much down right stupid. But it’s hurting no-one I guess, I’m enjoying it, life’s too short etc (feel free to add in similar lines here) Will I manage it? Will I man up and stop again? Will I? Will I? Will I? I can’t say right now. But I did do so well, hopefully I will shame myself into it. If you have any tips, maybe we could go for a coffee to mull them over……. 😉

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One thought on “Coffee – The real buzz

  1. Like your fishy thigy and photo plus I love the Site! how cool! Beauty! small world….first though! re’ fish’s and Nemo? .What did the Navy Seal Commander’s announce as they dropped Osama Bin Laden’s Body into “Allegedly” into the Sea, “Now we found you, you can find Nemo!” anyway yeah my ex-sorry my son’s Mum spent was it 3yr for HND in Beauty! I spent most evening’s going through every bit of work and question’s on Beauty…as “Jim Royale” WOULD say Beauty my A£$3! what has the Cardio-vascular got to do with nail’s lol! I know quite a bit about reflexology! ie’ when she punched me if I did not move quick enough I went down like Tyson in Japan, not that I am a Tyson fan or now anything about his boxing however he had a programme Bio of himself on More4 and I was actually crying! because of his hanup’s and bad time’s he had and all the mess in his head “Pulp” probably, but what the ….does that make me? Nut’s lol! but true. Also true about the Beauty and what did she do with her HND I worked so hard to get? she now work’s “Respectfully” in a Care Home..Bupa! that seemingly change’s thing’s….wiping up mess? well very noble and is a good thing but really the opportunity! nice dropping you a comment 😉 on WordPress also, really love your other site! and Team. hope to typo asap! B&T 😉

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