Why Women Shouldn’t Pee in the Shower

Ultimately it’s no-one business what any of us do in the shower, so I want to preface this post by saying I am not judging anyone. But, if you do pee in the shower, and you are a woman, you might want to stop. Why should women not pee in the shower? The truth is,Continue reading “Why Women Shouldn’t Pee in the Shower”

Overnight Oats

I was wary of overnight oats, mainly because I love oats, and didn’t want to fall out with them. If a cold oat isn’t in a sweet and buttery flapjack form, how on earth could they be good? I’m a convert now though, it’s a case of finding the right combination of add ons, andContinue reading “Overnight Oats”

Chocolate Diets?

A few week s ago Cadbury launched a new chocolate bar, it was the first chocolate bar they had launched since the Fuse bar in 1996. It was a chocolate bar aimed at women. Designed in two bars so women could ‘save one for later’. Now before you go off into a detailed reverie ofContinue reading “Chocolate Diets?”

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