When is Best to Practise Yoga?

If you practise yoga regularly you may have wondered at some point whether it’s best to practise in the morning or evening. Ultimately it is better to have some kind of yoga practise than spend time worrying when is best to practise yoga! Making sure you stretch your body and relax your mind is more important than the time you do it. Your body will love whenever, and whatever,  type of yoga you practise.

Some styles of yoga, like Ashtanga Yoga will ask that you practice in the morning. Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga don’t have a preference, but Yin Yoga asks that you practise with cold muscles, as you want them to relax and be able to work in the deeper tissues and ligaments.

Morning Yoga Practise

I personally like to practise in the morning, as per Ashtanga Yoga, there is something so lovely and fulfilling about yoga in the early hours. If you are lucky, you might get to see a lovely clear star lit sky and a shining moon as you roll out your mat. Not to mention a sunrise as you begin to savasana.

Many yoga studios in Edinburgh run early morning classes and you can easily find a studio close to you with showers so you can get ready for work afterwards.

Practising in the morning means your body is stretched and relaxed for the day ahead. You also get virtuous points for getting up early and working out. Go you!

Evening Yoga Classes

Alternatively, you’ll find plenty of studios with evening classes. From my personal experience with both times of classes, I find you have a busier studio in the evening, perhaps the yang energy of the day comes along with the students?

A good thing about evening classes is that you will find a good variation of yoga class styles in Edinburgh. You’ll also find a time that suits you better. You could attend straight from work or go home and eat before coming back out to a Yoga class. Your body will enjoy the energy you bring to it when you practise in the evening. Perhaps you could even take a Restorative Yoga class or Yoga Nidra, ensuring you sleep like a baby afterwards.

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