Teaching the First Classes

Yikes! I did it! I taught my first real Yoga teacher classes in Edinburgh, and I LOVED it!

It’s harder work than you imagine, as you are watching out for everyone in the class, making sure they are getting the most from yoga.  You’re also talking ALOT, giving instruction and motivating them. Then you’re remembering the carefully put together yoga sequence you devised. It’s all so much fun. It definitely kept me on my toes, and I am so thankful.

I had the most loveliest bunch of ladies, and we flowed, chattarangared and asana’d our way through an hour. I was slightly nervous beforehand, but it soon when, mainly because it had to! Don’t you find that? You are nervous about something but time is creeping up on you so you have to bite the bullet and go for it! Teaching my first Yoga Classes has been exactly like that.

Straight after this class, I had no time to catch my breath as my students were rolling up their mats, and the next class were coming in and un-rolling theirs. It was a fantastic 2 hours, and I could not have enjoyed it any more than I did.

I then left that studio, to head over town to teach in my other studio, and met a lovely lady who was getting back into yoga.

In between those classes, I managed to have a delicious fresh mint tea to sip on. Perfect for the yoga teacher on the go! So much nicer than coffee, although it would have been very easy and delicious to have a cup of that too!

One thing that I have noticed when nerves got the better of me, not for very long, but my training really kicked in. I am so proud to have been taught by the teachers I was. I think in all life situations, good training sets you up for every eventuality.

When you have been trained vigorously and as thoroughly as I was, you know you have the wealth of yoga teachings in your bank to call on.

Feeling super proud of myself, and ready for more classes!


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