Oooh, feeling all excited! Went to see The Conjuring tonight with B and almost made it to the end! And before you start saying anything, I had to leave because I was meeting someone. Not because I was scared!!
This is a turnaround for me. As a rule I don’t watch horror movies, but the more I hang around with film makers, the harder it is to not consider them. I listen to them talking about scenes, dialogue and their pulses racing that the curious side of me can’t help but wonder.
So with a few hours to spare before my evening began, we crept in to watch this month’s scariest movie, The Conjuring.
Luckily for me, (?) I had a mother who allowed us to watch scary movies when we were younger and so, I had seen the Amityville films. The Conjuring is a movie along this style, as in it centres around a house with a creepy secret. It’s haunted. A little bit.
I can’t really base this movie on current horrors because as I said, I don’t watch them. The last one I saw was The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson, (as in she acted in it, not as in we chummed each other to the movies). The Skeleton Key freaked me out so much, I screamed in the cinema, couldn’t look in a mirror for months and hated to be on my own in my flat.
Why go to see a horror then you may ask? Because I like checking to see if I still don’t/do like things. We’re changing all the time aren’t we? And learning how to make movies has broken down a few barriers of mine. Besides, we all like to get our hearts racing don’t we?

Oh sorry, I forgot to mention, If you want a proper review, head over to this review and you’ll get more film information. I’m too hyper to really talk about it. All I will say is; the pacing is what you expect of a horror movie, you will jump, you will get a sharp intake of breath, and you will turn your head away at points.

Lately I’ve been thinking about making a little horror short. Only because I have a friend who is a great special effects makeup artist, and she leaves Edinburgh soon. The clock is ticking, (not at 3.07, muhahahaha !!)

Horror is not really my style, I can do bleak with the best of them, but gore and blood stumps me. It’s so hard to think of anything different, so until that happens, I doubt it’s coming anytime soon. Besides, I have my feature to be working on, don’t I?

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