Life Is In Charge


Every now and then life throws us some reminders of who’s in charge. We saunter along, sparkling in the sunshine and suddenly, with no warning, things change. And our world can be turned upside down in an instant. Unsettling everything we know.

My very wise young college friend wrote a blog post about Life not being short.

I have to agree with him. We throw that phrase around like it’s going out of fashion, and yet it’s not always true. For moments of indecision and desired change, it’s a handy reminder to push us in the direction we want to go. A universal verification that justifies our decisions. We want to leave our jobs, we want to eat a bigger piece of cake, we want to do things we know we shouldn’t and we back it up with ‘Life is short’, and everyone nods, agrees and goes back about their business.
But for our every day to day, life is constant. In times of flux and change, life is constant. in times of hardship, pain and grief, life is constant. Life offers no reprieve, you have to continue.

Life is this crazy time where we get to experience so many things, some we choose and plan and ones we’d never choose.

My conclusion is that Life is not short, it’s precious.

If we’re lucky our lives are rich, full and blessed, and we work hard to keep it so.
We try our best, we make mistakes and we get second chances, we love people and we lose people. We’re in control of our destinies, but only to a certain extent, as fate keeps close tabs on us. All the while, in the background, like a flashing green light, life is there watching and waiting, recording our story.

Make every moment count xx

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