My friend said to me recently that the song by Carly Rae Jepson Call Me Maybe reminds them of me. I said it’s because the singer is called Carly isn’t it?

Yes they nodded. that and we were hanging out a lot at the time it came out. (and maybe because you’re always singing… maybe that)

Thinking about the song a little deeper I wondered who on earth calls anyone these days, and in a case of irony I passed this, who on earth uses these?

photo 1

Looks a bit dejected doesn’t it. Do you know what it is? When was the last time you used one?

Phones are now so important to everyday life and will continue to be so, it’s no surprise they became mobile. I like in a world that when someone gives me their personal number and it doesn’t begin 07.. I feel strange.

I remember the red ones when I was little. I used to pass it on the way to the park, and occasionally, if no-one was looking, I would go inside and daydream. Flick through the phone books, pick up the receiver. Little known fact about me is that I didn’t grow up with my birth father. I didn’t know who he was, but I wondered about him a lot at that age. Flicking through those pages I wondered which one of the lines of text he was.

But even more alluring were all those names, all those people. I would look at the black receiver, pick it up, and heavy in my hand I would listen to the dialing tone. I was desperate t use it. To call someone, anyone. That way you want to when you’re a kid.

One day, I thought to my little self, one day I will have someone to call.

photo 4

Phone boxes always remind me of the old 80’s adverts with Maureen Lipman. We are doing an advertising module on my course and have been looking back over adverts. The iconic advert with her talking to her grandson Anthony always made me laugh. “You got an Ology?”

Viva le Telephone!!

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