Katy Perry – A Good Role Model?

Hell yeah!

I should just end the post there really as that is the answer to the question posed in the title. Yes I do think she is a good role model.

Oh, you want to know why?

I took my daughter to see the movie, Part of Me, she’d been driving me mad as only a ten year old can. “Pleeeeeeeeeeasecanwegoseethekatyperrymoviepleasepleasepleaseplease..” – and repeat!

At some point you either get earplugs or you give in.

I gave in.

I have to admit to being a fan of Katy Perry Music anyway so this wasn’t a hardship. I have lots of her songs on my iPod, you can’t deny the girl writes a good catchy tune. This cute movie tells you about her journey to being the Katy Perry we all know and love – The sometimes blue haired, cherry chapstick kissing, California girl.

It shows Katy didn’t arrive by magic. Nope, like any creative she put in a lot of hard work and still continues to. The movie shows her marriage crumble and her so tired she has her make up done while she is sleeping. Proving the age old rule in performing that ‘No matter what, the show goes on’.

At times I had tears in my eyes, I laughed and sang out loud too. My daughter did the same. I watched her little face tranfixed by the theatrical performance on screen as Katy sings her way through the movie, giving you a glimpse of her recent world tour.

I wondered if, aside from me and the other fantastic women in her life, Katy Perry was a good role model for my daughter? (hence the title!) and I concluded that yes, she was.

Katy Perry’s messages are as clear and as loud as her wardrobe – she believes in herself, she tells you that if things don’t feel right – don’t do them, she shows you that if you make a commitment to people in work or otherwise, you keep it, that you don’t need to be like everyone else, it is more than okay to be yourself. You don’t have to be the next anyone else, just be the first You, she shows that hard work and commitment pay off, and that your past does not decide your future, you do.

I’m more than happy for my daughter to have this message, if someone reinforces the things I am telling her everyday, it’s all good.

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5 thoughts on “Katy Perry – A Good Role Model?

  1. You wrote…

    “I’m more than happy for my daughter to have this mesage, if someone reinforces the things I am telling her everyday, it’s all good.”

    Just to let you know some of her message that you may be unaware of, but can easily find by looking at some of the lyrics to her songs. I’ll just mention one song and a video. There are scores of others, not to mention her questionable public lifestyle in general. Please remember, this is someone who started out as a Christian artist who, like the majority, ended up selling out to the mainstream.

    From the song “Teenage Dream”

    Let’s go all the way tonight
    No regrets, just love
    We can dance until we die
    You and I, we’ll be young forever

    We drove to Cali and got drunk on the beach
    Got a motel and built a floor out of sheets
    I finally found you, my missing puzzle piece
    I’m complete

    I’m gonna get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans
    Be your teenage dream tonight
    Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans
    Be your teenage dream tonight

    From the song “Last Friday Night (t.g.i.f.)

    There’s a stranger in my bed,
    There’s a pounding in my head
    Glitter all over the room
    Pink flamingos in the pool

    2.Last Friday night
    Yeah we danced on tabletops
    And we took too many shots
    Think we kissed but I forgot

    Last Friday night
    We went streaking in the park
    Skinny dipping in the dark
    Then had a ménage à trois

    Always say we’re gonna stop
    But this Friday night
    Do it all again

    These are just portions of the songs. Is this the type of “message” you are referring to? These are the types of things you want your daughter doing? Please don’t be so naive to think you can just pick and choose Perry’s messages that sound wholesome and neutral. Take a look at the total package and assess it as a whole and I think you would have to come to the conclusion that if you think someone who gets drunk on the beach, enjoys casual sex, dances on tabletops, streaks in parks, skinny dips in the dark and likes to have threesomes is a good role model for your daughter, I just wouldn’t want to be in your shoes on judgement day before God who you will have to give an account to as a parent.

    If you didn’t know these things, please, do your homework and don’t think you can just pick and choose the parts of Katy Perry’s artistry and lifestyle that “appear” good, normal or even moral. You have to look at the whole picture and know that young people are curious and gravitate to the things that are on the “edge” and that push the envelope.

    Am I judging? Well, not you, I don’t know you. But actions, yes. And that’s ALWAYS okay. Look at Katy Perry’s actions, videos, interviews and lifestyle…Not her. But look at the ENTIRE Katy Perry picture. And then examine your actions (what you allow your daughter to watch, listen to, etc…)

    So far, I couldn’t disagree with what you’ve said and what you hold up as a “role model” more strongly. I’ve been slowly watching the morally degrading descent into the trash heap in terms of the media for many years.

    Here’s a really good “general” barometer that you can apply in situations like this.

    1. Is what they are singing/acting about (their message) in ALL their music, movies, etcacceptable to me as a person and a parent?

    2. If so, then does this person(s) lifestyle off camera, outside of the studio or stage, easily and VISIBLY match their message?

    If not, I don’t have time to peel back all the layers of the onion to find out who they are or what they stand for…it’s ALREADY OBVIOUS they are not who they project themselves to be.

    If it does match, then so far so good, but still always have your antenna’s up. Taylor Swift seems to be the only one out of the pack in the past few years who has been able to hold it together as a young famous person, but even still, who knows for how long.

    We’ve all been disappointed so many times, right? We all kind of just wait for the other shoe to fall. But in the meantime enjoy.

    Anyway, just my two cents. Judging, opinion, facts, whatever you want to call it. This is a blog and that’s what blogs are for.

    1. If human beings were perfect then wouldn’t the world be fabulous? We are not perfect, there is no perfect person. The more you delve in the lives of celebrities behind the camera, the real day to day, the more surprised you may, or in your case, not, be as to their imperfections. We are sold personalities as part of marketing and PR packages. As long as you keep this in mind you can look at ‘celebrity’ and appreciate it with your tongue in your cheek.
      This post was written after watching the Katy Perry Movie, and based on what was interpreted as her life. My daughter learned that Katy followed her dream, she worked had to bring it to life, she adapted to what life gave her, she works extremely hard and has to make sacrifices for her art, she married and it did not work out, all great lessons for life, in my opinion.
      My daughter is creative, like myself, and I can identify with many of KP’s traits, experiences and interpretations. Therefore, as a reflection of myself, I am happy for my daughter to have this kind of extension of a role model. Having an open mind to the flaws and challenges of other human beings, is paramount to understanding life. Katy Perry has not said, or insinuated, that she is perfect.
      Thank you for your comments, you are correct, that is what blogs are for. What suits one person’s life, will not always suit another.

      1. I think when it comes to judging a celebrity’s worth as a role model for your child, you have to understand the role that celebrity is going to play in your child’s life. Does Katy Perry enjoy getting drunk on the beach, having casual sex and dancing on tables as her music suggests? Well, I don’t think anyone here actually knows (unless one of you were there when she did these things?). Is Katy Perry going to take your child to get drunk on the beach, enjoy some casual sex and go dancing on tables? No. As the blog author said, this post is about the role Katy Perry played for her daughter through the message as it was presented in this movie. It’s unlikely Katy Perry will show up at Karlie’s door and ask to take her daughter partying from sunup to sunup. To be honest, I’ve gotten drunk on the beach (many times), had my fair share of casual sex in my youth and while I may not have ever danced on a tabletop, I’ve certainly done whatever the male equivalent might be. Does that make me a poor role model for my own child? I dare you to come say so. We all know that Karlie is the real role model for her daughter. If she wants to pick and choose little bits of a celebrity’s full package to act as an auxiliary, then there’s nothing wrong with that. When it comes to the way Karlie has done so in this case, Katy Perry seems find in my book.

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