It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Sitting in my favourite Starbucks, frequented by lots of other writers, Ian Rankin included. (Haha get me putting myself up there with the big man- one day!) I find myself caught up in plots, narratives and character motivations when a voice interrupts me, nope not divine intervention but some dude with a coffee and a kindle, “Do you mind if I sit there?”

I look up at him, in all honesty my head is so deep in my story I take his question literally. Do I mind? I think about it for just that second too long before my British manners kick in – ‘Yes, of course you can’, I fiddle around moving my books and papers that I have haphazardly spread along the table.

He takes the seat right next to me and I do that thing where you shuffle a fraction of an inch to give them more room. Stupid movement that it is as the movement creates no more space than they originally had. But you do it anyway out of force of habit, manners or stupidity.

I try to carry on writing but I’m a little bit put off now. While he’s not exactly breathing down my neck, he’s in my personal space and I realise that actually I DO mind the fact he’s sitting there. I look around the rest of the coffee shop. It’s empty. I furrow my brows as to why he’s chosen to sit right next to me in an otherwise empty cafe. I don’t like it.

But I shove it aside as best I can and get back to writing, i’m on this exciting chapt.. but WHY has he sat next to ME? Why? I whine to myself.

I always sit in this spot. You know you have that favourite seat that you like to sit in? Well this is mine. I can look out the window if my inspiration runs dry, in a goldilocks way I like this chair best, I’m out of everyone’s way, it’s just quiet and noisy enough. When I choose to come here, this is MY seat.

I’ve been reading a lot on perspective recently, yeah yeah, that ‘7 habit‘ book i’m trying to get into the habit of reading. I blogged about it before now, go read. It’s concerned with the ability to change your perspective. I have always been one of these people, able to take myself out of a situation and look at it from a different angle. Sometimes too much!! I’m a good problem solver and this was no exception.

Maybe, just maybe, when I don’t come into this cafe, maybe this is this guys favourite seat. Maybe he walked in and thought dammit, blonde chick in MY chair, how will I deal with this?

If this chair is both of our favourite chair, I am in his space not him in mine!! Oh boy I opened a bottle of worms or whatever the saying is. (please remind me).

With this different perspective I sit and try to relax in my chair a bit more. I’m not denying it’s tough, because it is, but it’s not really a huge problem is it? It’s just a chair, in a coffee shop frequented by other writers. Perspective is a wonderful thing!

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  1. Carol Lefevre Avatar

    I recognised this moment all too well. Made me smile.

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