Trusting yourself.

Slightly deep post, be prepared 🙂

I had a big chat today with friends about trust. Our chat was related to our social networking passwords and my group of friends have had access to our various profiles recently for different reasons. Trust is a wonderful thing and very precious, in today’s world giving someone access to your social profiles is a big gesture of trust. Building trust in someone is an amazing thing and with my precarious background, to me trust is key to friendship. You have those friends that you just know have your back, and you have theirs. Yet how often do we implicitly trust ourselves?

I have been working a lot lately with intuition. Trying to trust mine more and go on my gut feel. It’s nuts really as every time I trust my gut feel I am never wrong. Yet, sometimes, I find myself hesitating before pressing that button, taking that chance, making that action, saying that sentence or closing that door.

Last year I made a vow that 2012 was going to be all about me, and I was going to say no to things in the first instance they didn’t feel right. Lately, in my optimistic way, I have found myself questioning that inner knowing. Maybe more out of a reluctance to move on than the fact I know it’s the right thing to do.

I believe we are always where we are meant to be in life, at any given point, no matter the circumstances. There’s a lesson to be learnt everywhere and in everything. So maybe, the fact that I know everything will work out the way it should whatever decision I make,  will make my inner antenna go slightly awry!

What if you go left and not turned right, turned something on when it should be turned off, trusted someone who proved you wildly wrong, said yes instead of no, wore black instead of white, used pen instead of pencil, would it matter?

Can you ever truly go wrong and career off your life path?

I don’t think you can. As I said earlier, everywhere you are meant to be, no matter how hurtful, strange, different, enlightening, adventurous it seems, you are meant to be there.  Every door you open, every page you turn and everything you unwrap brings you a lesson. Just as successful people keep on moving, clever people keep on learning.

Women’s intuition is renowned and we use this inner guidance daily. We turn a different corner and find something that enhances our life in some small way. This intuition serves us well. I feel I am learning more than anything to take heed of this, and not try and reason with it. Stop trying to morph it into what I want it to be instead of how it should be. As when I do trust it and act on it, wonderful, magical and amazing things happen and that is where I want to be!

Lately, I have been doing a lot of  meditating and reiki to be ‘in the moment’ and listening to myself. Yoga is helpful too as it helps me concentrate. (I have a busy mind!) And so my quest to trust myself continues, as does every new adventure and accomplishment!

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6 thoughts on “Trusting yourself.

  1. trusting your intuition is important, it will never let you down, trusting your friends with your passwords is crazy talk, great blog post however, good luck with that.

  2. I wouldnt even like to think what some of my friends would do with my social accounts. Actually I can but I am not even going to go in to that… It would just be horrible, I suppose it really depend on your friends, you know what us boys are like….

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