Eclipse – The Twilight Saga

My first thoughts were, ‘Aww damn it! I’ve sat too close to the front’, the actors were massive! But it was dark and I wasn’t going to move and spill my popcorn so I stayed and sat it out, it wasn’t a chore exactly.

124 minutes of my favourite Vampire family, Forks, lads with no tops on and Robert Pattison, (swoon) I wasn’t about to complain about being too close and this is the reason I will give when I go and see it again. “But Karlie, this is the 3rd time now, lets go and see Shrek” ,  “errm no, I think I sat too close last time”, “Karlie, you said that last time!”, “Did I? I must remember to sit further back then, now sweet or salty?”

I’ve read all the books in the Twilight Saga so I know how this love story ends up, because that is what it is for anyone who hasn’t read/seen it/been hiding in a dark cave these last few years. Bella and Edward are the love story which is essentially what the Twilight Saga is. I hear people saying it over and over again in passing, when asked why it’s so special,  “it’s not just about Vampires it’s a love story”.  Sadly, Eclipse moves away from Bella and Edward a bit too much for my liking.

In Eclipse we get a bit of background on the other characters, we find out their stories and why they act the way they do, of particular interest are Rosalie and Jasper, but I felt they missed this in the film, they could/should have gone into more detail with the stories of these two, making it more on the level of my all time favorite Vampire film; Interview with a Vampire. A bit of Vampire history always goes down well with me and I think they could/should have meated it out with more Vampire history, not exactly on the level of ‘The Historian‘ but a teeny bit more here, I feel,  would have worked really well.

But I don’t want to start saying it was bad etc because it wasn’t, it was beautifully shot as they all have been so far. We got great graphics with the fighting and the Werewolves and the Vampire’s eyes seemed in this film, more vivid with colour, especially the Volturi’s eyes. You could tell the difference between theirs and the Cullen’s without really looking out for it.

I must add in too that for a Vampire film they really are good with the blood. There’s not much, and you can actually watch it without putting your hands in front of your face and peeking through your fingers, and c’mon don’t pretend it’s just me who does that! What? It is? Oh, (blush). The end battle should be blood and gore and it’s not, instead they use a different approach which works brilliantly.

The Werewolves are amazing and I did briefly think, ‘awww I want one!’ as they look cute and approachable and take on that humanlike look, but obviously if they were real and hungry you wouldn’t really get on and things would get messy so I promptly crossed that off my wish list.

So all in all it’s a great next instalment of the Twilight Saga, the girl behind me said it was her favourite one so far and I thought, hmmm no, mine is still the first one, Twilight. I think when you know what is coming next, and I do, they’re just taking too long to make a certain girl a certain thing 😉

Though in all fairness I did say I sat too close, maybe if I see it once or four times again, I may change my mind 😉

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