I was quite excited to see the third instalment of The Hangover. I get easily attached to things, especially funny things, and I’ve enjoyed both of the Hangover films. I thought one was epic and two was hilarious!

There’s always a chance part 2 and 3 of films are made just to cash in on its status, and why not, everyone has to eat right? But The Hangover Part 2, proved this was not the case. Personally, I think it was a tall order to replicate the first, but two was fresh, and I hoped part three was the same.

The Hangover films are well known for their shock factor and part three doesn’t deliver shocks as much as twists. As well as a whole lot of laughs, and some touching moments.
Concerning itself with Alan and Mr Chow, we follow the story of a treasure hunt of sorts. Highlights are a welcome screen return for John Goodman as a gangster, and Alan teaming up with Melissa McCarthy. Anyone who’s watched ‘Bridesmaids’ will see her as a female ‘Alan’, and I have prayed for the day they met on screen. (So glad it happened, thank you whoever made it possible) My only wish is that she was in it more, but The Hangover series are boys films, and they work well because of that.

I don’t think anything is going to beat that first Hangover film, so different it was, but hey they will make you laugh trying. Go see!

Also the trailer for Seth Rogan’s apocalyptic comedy ‘This is the End’ looks funny as, can’t wait for that! It’s no Eat, Pray Love, that’s for sure!

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