The Different Styles of Yoga

So many people say to me that they want to start Yoga, and I think 3 things, 1 – Woohoo, what a journey you are about to begin! 2 – I hope you come to my classes otherwise this conversation will be weird. 3 – I wonder what type of you you will like best?Continue reading “The Different Styles of Yoga”

Getting Engaged

When someone asks you to marry them, or you ask someone to marry you, it should be special right? Our proposal was pretty special and also low key, just like us! I’d like to walk you through how our wedding came about and I thought starting at the engagement would be perfect. Like most couplesContinue reading “Getting Engaged”


I really can’t believe I have waited so long to share here that this happened! I mean getting married again is a BIG DEAL. BIG BIG DEAL! Right? This blog started with me as a single gal, navigating life; motherhood, work, education and, of course, love. You’ve been there through the ups and downs, andContinue reading “I GOT MARRIED!”

Keto, Kale Chips and Kardashians

My latest favourite things, in that order! I jest. I’m not that fussed about Kale chips, although they are deliciously nutritious, stupidly easy to make, and shouldn’t be overlooked as part of a healthy diet. Ahhh Diet… I detest that word, namely because it evokes connotations of lack, want, fear, anxiety, judgement and the constantContinue reading “Keto, Kale Chips and Kardashians”

Travel to Make the World a Smaller Place

Ahhh, where do I start? We are back from an amazing trip around the Mediterranean, aboard cruise liner Viking Jupiter on her maiden voyage. As it’s our first cruise, we have no comparable, but we are sure Viking will be hard to beat. The attention to detail, decor, staff, services, on board facilities were justContinue reading “Travel to Make the World a Smaller Place”

Teaching the First Classes

Yikes! I did it! I taught my first real Yoga teacher classes in Edinburgh, and I LOVED it! It’s harder work than you imagine, as you are watching out for everyone in the class, making sure they are getting the most from yoga.  You’re also talking ALOT, giving instruction and motivating them. Then you’re rememberingContinue reading “Teaching the First Classes”

Introducing South Edinburgh Yoga for 2019

Ahhh 2018, 17 and 16 passed in a blur when I think about it. I gave you a quick recap in this post so you know what I was up to, but now I’d like to tell you what I am doing going forward. It’s this amazing yoga studio in studio in Edinburgh! Yay! That’sContinue reading “Introducing South Edinburgh Yoga for 2019”

New Year, New You!

I used to love nothing more than writing up my end of year blog posts.  If you care to scroll back through the 8 years of blog posts, you’ll find them. For the last few years, while I was doing my degree, this site fell by the wayside. Don’t get me wrong, there have beenContinue reading “New Year, New You!”

Think Before you #

I have to admit, I thought it was a fad that would die out. I (stupidly) thought, it’s okay, it’s A-okay, it’s ‘Okay Corral’ okay. This won’t catch on. I, even, in a fringe-skewed-to-the side moment, researched it thinking I’d missed something. What had I missed? Why had I missed it? Surely I stay upContinue reading “Think Before you #”

A Thrifty Girl’s Guide to New York

Travel is one of the greatest gifts in life, being able to see something for yourself is priceless. One of my favourite cities in the world is New York, so I’ve been super happy to visit there 3 times, woohoo! I think most people are put off because of the expense of it but I’veContinue reading “A Thrifty Girl’s Guide to New York”

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