Raw Cacao – a hug in a mug


My friend Ozzie, who lives in LA, teaching yoga, recently advised me to get on board with Raw Cacao. Of course i’d heard of it because I haven’t been living under a stone lately, but I’d never tried it.

I tried to source it locally to me in Edinburgh, (North) but failed and took to Amaze-on. As a prime account holder I am always amazed you can order something and sometimes have it delivered the same day! I mean, it’s almost like going into a shop and picking it off a shelf – Imagine!

I’m not going to lie, I was totally geeking out at the raw cacao arriving, not just because of the swiftness, but the goodness that was about to envelope me and my family!

Raw Cacao is packed full of health benefits including; promoting feelings of happiness, antioxidants and magnesium for a healthy immune system and heart and it is a source of iron and calcium.

Plus, did I mention it is chocolate? Oh boy, YES! Raw Cacao is the same beans used for all chocolate, but cold pressed and unroasted to preserve its natural nutrients. Cocoa, typically found in all chocolate, is roasted and heavily processed, adding in sugar to make it sweeter.

The Aztecs and the Mayans held raw cacao in such high regard it was considered liquid gold! I defy you not to run out and buy some now, and make it a store cupboard staple. Add it to smoothies, cakes, baking, or simply mix a teaspoon of Raw cacao powder into some almond or oat milk, add cinnamon and honey to taste, and enjoy. I raise my cup to you x

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