What Words To Say

Okay this writing creatively everyday thing is tough.  When you write for your day job, writing for fun is not so easy. When you’re so used to drowning out your voice for an article, it’s tricky to bring it back for a blog post and i’m getting lazy at typing into a keyboard.

I’ve even taken to dictating my messages lately, Siri is my friend and all those little microphone icons in your messages are just brilliant. Lately they are everything. It means I am sending strange messages but heck, who cares. Not me.

I am preferring talking than typing lately. It’s sometimes so much nicer to hear something in a voice than it is to see it in typeface. This winding down business has given me more time, whereas in the past messaging was useful, now I’d rather talk. Time is always a factor with me and I declared about aged 16 that i’d ‘never wear a watch as I didn’t want my life ticking away on my wrist’, so profound right?

But this took a new turn today when I was reading an article on The Oatmeal about the apple watch and how you can speak into it and send your messages. For something that I wouldn’t have thought twice about, I started to look at what style I wanted. Dork.

But this is a feature I want in my life. I want to be able to speak and go, I’m so over sitting and typing out messages right now. Whether it was meant to or not, and in the last place I would have expected to be convinced over tech, The Oatmeal has almost sold me an apple watch. It’s a funny article, and the oatmeal is trusted, i’ve read it for years, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t believe that I need this watch.

Uh oh, I think i’m talking myself into it…




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