Random Acts of Kindness.

I am one of life’s sensitives types, a creative, a writer, a pisces, far too sensitive for my own good. I have to admit that despite being in my 30’s, I still haven’t managed to man up about this.

I get upset when people do and say mean things. Mainly because I don’t see the point.  I’m not a mean person. I rarely get angry. Okay actually that’s a lie. I get road rage. I ‘might’ get cross with other motorists, but only if they’re stupid.

So when i’m not screaming at motorists and using more hand signals than a stock exchange trader, I have more fun helping people.

I’m the kind of person who’s going to stop and pick up something that falls, hand it back to you, offer to help, offer a good word, a hug. Alright, I MIGHT even chase you down the street and hand something back to you. I might try and take your photo if you’re standing in the street taking one of your friend. Whether you like it or not. Recently I stopped my car at a crossing for a little boy, who was standing waiting to cross. I kept gesturing that he could and he kept shaking his head. We had this weird little stand off with me waving him across and him shaking his head until he finally crossed….. back over the road he’d already crossed ahead of his mum, who was still making her way down the street. Umm..doh!?

This year especially i’ve had some amazing acts of kindness bestowed upon me (yes it was a ‘bestowed’ moment) and I’ve equally gone out of my way for others. I love that way of thinking that whole ‘paying it forward’ thing. As Tennesee Williams said, (I feel like I should chuck in a quote here) ‘I have always depended on the kindness of strangers’. I like the thought that most people are good.

I’m by no means perfect but in my opinion it’s easy to be kind, you have to go out of your way to be mean, you have to think about it. It requires some effort. Therefore I cannot understand why someone would put the effort into being mean. It’s such a  negative way to spend your time.

But obviously the world is full of good and bad people or we wouldn’t have prisons AND chocolate.

Today, be nice, go forth and bestow kindness on others!!

Mwah x

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